Diviner’s Sage Whole Leaf (Salvia divinorum)


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Salvia divinorum, also Diviner’s Sage, is a semi-tropical perennial member of the Sage family whose history of cultivation and use go back for many generations among the medicine men and women of the Sierra Mazateca. Endemic to the mountain range of Oaxaca, this incredible plant has been carefully tended to by lineages of shaman-clans for generations. Even to this day the ancient traditions are still kept alive as the leaves of this plant are used during quiet rituals as a guide and ally in the shamanic worldview.


Our Diviner’s Sage leaf is authentic Salvia divinorum grown in the same region of Oaxaca where it has been cultivated for hundreds of years. To preserve the energy and potency of the leaves they grown using organic practices and hand picked and slowly shade dried at ambient temperatures. This item a pure loose leaf, unadulterated botanical, NOT AN EXTRACT.

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