We’re now accepting eChecks as our prefered payment method for all orders. Paying with an eCheck is just as easy and secure as using your debit or credit card. Echecks allow our customers to complete their checkout process quickly and seamlessly, without having to wait for an invoice to be emailed to them or a paper check to arrive through the mail. Keep reading to find out more about eChecks and how to use them on our site!

What is an eCheck and how does it work?

An eCheck is basically an electronic check: a virtual check that’s sent over the internet instead of a paper check sent in the mail. When you pay with an eCheck you’re using the money in your checking account, just like you would with a debit card. All you need is the routing and account number for your account. Paying by eCheck is also much faster than mailing a check. We’ll receive your payment in our account in usually just 1-3 business days. Faster payment means faster shipping too as we ship the same day your payment clears.


Where do I find my routing & account number?

All you need to pay for your order is your checking account number and your bank’s routing number. Finding your account and routing number can feel daunting but it’s actually very easy. If you have a checkbook or received starter checks when you opened your account this information will be printed right on there. Your routing number will always be the first set of numbers on the bottom left corner of the check and your account number will be the second set of digits. Please enter all the numbers you see, including any preceding zeros.


In this Example the Routing Number is 020480045 and the Account Number is 000123456789


If you don’t have any checks available you can log into your online banking and find both the routing and account numbers under the details for your checking account. If you still can’t find them you can go to your local bank branch or call their Customer Service number and a banker can provide you with this information.


Are eChecks safe?

Absolutely! Paying with an eCheck is just as safe as paying with a debit card. Your information is securely transferred from our site to our trusted payment processing partner, Green Money, and is never stored on our site or our servers. Our website utilizes the required SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to fully encrypt your financial information so it cannot be accessed by any third-party. You can always check the security of a website you’re visiting by clicking on the lock next to the page’s web address.


We hope this guide has helped you understand and pay via eChecks but we know it can be confusing at first. Please reach out to us at sales@gardenzenherbs.com with any payment questions you may have and we’ll be happy to assist you.