Based out of Plainview, New York, Garden Zen Herbs LLC is a small family-owned & operated company that strives to connect our customers with top-quality crafting botanicals. We started with a simple vision that took root in 2016 and has been growing vigorously ever since. Our purpose from day one has been to supply high-quality botanical crafting ingredients, ethnobotanicals and other herbalism supplies to anyone who might need them, all while respecting the plants themselves as the teachers and healers that many cultures believe they are. Here at Garden Zen Herbs we share this belief in the importance of plants and their interconnectedness with our lives. This is why we are doing our part to ensure that these sacred plants, which have been a part of humanity’s heritage for millenia, are accessible to all.

When you place an order from Garden Zen Herbs you can be sure that your botanicals are coming from a place of positive energy and intention. We work directly with growers, wildcrafters and local distributors to offer only the freshest and most potent ingredients for your herbal crafts. Place an order today to experience the Garden Zen difference for yourself.


Love & Light!